Dale & His Kiger Mustang, Mija
"I am thankful that I bought a 'problem horse' since it lead me to Dale & Teri.  Dale is such an amazing teacher of not only horse skills but life skills as well.  I now have a great horse.  I thought I was going to have to sell my horse but now I know that I have a companion for many years to come. Dale is an amazing man with a passion for his job.  I have never met anyone with such dedication."               April McClure, Santa Clarita, California
"My horse Harley was pushy, disrespectful, and very high spirited. I went on a ride and got dumped so I decided to look for help.  I spoke with Teri who was nice and very reassuring that her husband Dale could help me with my horse.  I learned the tools that made my horse and I come together as one. My horse is now soft, respectful and a joy to ride.  I get ongoing support and attend clinics which help me become a better rider.  They made my dreams come true and words cannot express the gratitude I have.                                                   Michelle Robinson, Norco, California
"I have been riding in clinics given by some great horsemen for 15 years, and my horsemanship has improved dramatically, I am told. However, what was missing for me was the day to day feedback I wanted from a horseman I respected. Because in between the clinics I was on my own. This winter I met Dale. Finally, here was a person who has learned from the same great horsemen I admire, particularly Bill Dorrance. I have been taking lessons from him and watching him work horses every day for a couple months now. He has watched over me while I started my 3 yr old filly and given me help and feedback whenever I needed it.

Dale is a great instructor who knows when to give positive feedback, which is great to hear, and when to step in and offer advice when the student needs it. He is committed to making life better for the horse by educating the rider. I really wanted to start my filly the old traditional Californios way with a hackamore, not a snaffle bit, which is more commonly used today. There are only two other trainers I know of who will start colts in a hackamore and they live far, far away from me. So, it was an amazing twist of fate for me that Dale prefers hackamores to start colts!

The facilities Dale and Teri have set up are fantastic, great arenas, round pens and obstacle course. We even get to work the ranch cattle! This month the grass in the hills is green, the wildflowers are coming out, and the creek is running.  From the hilltops where we ride you can see the snow on the far mountains and the big storm clouds gathering in the blue sky....can life get any better than this? I don't think so!
Sally Freeberg, Running Springs, California
"I had Dale start my 3 year old filly, "I'm A Sunday Cutter" aka Holly.  I have never enlisted the services of a professional trainer, but this filly was much different than the other youngsters I had started in the past.  He was riding her in a few days and her manners improved in a very short time.  The issues she had when she came went away quickly with his methods.  It is amazing to see the horses "Get It".  Dale is an excellent horseman and teacher.  He is dedicated and very driven.  I wish more people would spend their "Clinic Dollars" on a couple months training instead of a 3 or 4 day weekend with a well know clinician.  They would be much happier.  Dale has a wealth of knowledge and is more than happy to share it.  You'll have to come out and watch or take some lessons and get in on one of Dale's Sunday clinics.  I have learned to ride again.  It is amazing how much we forget over the years!                                           Brenda Hild, Running Springs, California
" Dale has worked with my Arabian, Eoin, and I for the last six months.  I participate in weekly horse clinics with Dale and the results have been amazing.  I've had Eoin for many years.  I bought him after he had been flipped over backwards several times by a trainer and his previous owners did not know how to handle his nervousness and fear.  While we'd worked together for several years with an Arabian trainer and he had gradually gotten better, he was still quite anxious and unhappy when under saddle in the arena.

Within one private session with Dale, Eoin began to build confidence and I understood, for the first time, how to help him in this endeavor.  We were given a routine that works for both of us, helps him to relax, and centers my energy so that I can be a better support for him. 

Eoin has done many things out of his usual comfort zone, including working cows!  With each successful, relaxed and hppay ride, he gains more confidence and patience in his role as "Number 2".

I am forever appreciative of Dale teaching me how to make my horse happy and making our time together even more enjoyable and fun!  I feel I've learned so much - not only in how horses think and how to relate to them, but about my own energy and intention how to use this effectively to guide my equine partners. Thank you!                                                                                                                                     Kim Hedrick, Redlands, California
A Trusty Steed ~ Romeo
Mija & Dale
Dale & Jazz, the mule
Sally working cows on her newly started filly!
Brenda watching Holly's first ride - AWESOME!
Let us help you with Problem Horses, Colt Starting, Trail Preparation, Ranch Sorting Lessons, Clinics, Obstacle Courses, and more! 
Vaquero/Californio Traditional Style training including Hackamore, Cow Working, and Ranch Roping.
Conveniently Located near Orange, Los Angeles , Riverside, San Bernardino, and San Diego County..
Welcoming local horse neighbors from Temecula, Murrieta, Riverside, Norco, Corona, Hemet, Yucaipa, and Calimesa.
20 Beautiful Acres of rolling hills, cows, horses, and fun in the beautiful San Timoteo Canyon in Redlands.
See you there!

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